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Ozy Merrique has always been something of an enigma. Musician, composer, producer, poet, performer, artist, designer, deejay and film-maker, Merrique defies all singular definition. He helped to make the mould that defined the new creative aesthetic that shaped Trinbago culture in the early 90s and then went on to boldly break and re-invent said mould since then. Through a defiant individuality, drive and purpose, he has created a new understanding and appreciation of the concepts of word, sound and color.

Merrique has re-embraced his visual muse and has worked assiduously and exclusively at his craft(s) over the last 13 years. Grounding his work in his spirituality, he believes that he has a duty to respect and manifest all aspects of his creative callings. Working primarily in acrylic in his visual art, Merrique sees his role as an explorer of not just new vistas in sound but new visions in colour and light.

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    Crowning Ibeji
    Ozy Merrique
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