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Carmel Gumbs (b.1999) is a Caribbean based artist who finds his inspiration to create his art through the raw power and serenity of the ocean around him on his home island of Anguilla.  Growing up, Carmel not only learned how to be creative when producing art, but he found that he developed more patience when handling life’s everyday problems. Through his art, he intends to leave meaningful thought provoking messages with those around him to ultimately help make the world a better place. 

As a child, Carmel would regularly attend after school art classes where he learned how to make use of different art mediums such as ceramics, dyes and paints. Eager to dive deeper into Fine Art, Carmel began advancing his skills immediately after his completion of the Albena Lake Hodge Comprhensive School in September of 2016, when he was then enrolled at Ani Art Academy, a private art  institute based on Anguilla. While attending Ani Art Academy, he was introduced to the Language of Drawing and the Language of Painting, a two part program designed by Trompe L’oeil painter, Fine Arts educator, and Fine Art curriculum designer, Anthony Waichulis. Carmel was then taught how to master the skill of drawing with charcoal and painting with oil paint. Over a 4 year span, Carmel has had the privilege  of studying with and learning from master Fine Art educators like Timothy Jahn, Anthony Waichulis and other professional Fine Artists. Carmel’s current level of skill when producing masterful works of art were achieved by the constant practice of repetitive drawing and painting exercises to build his confidence and precision with each medium while enrolled at Ani.

Over the past three years Carmel’s work has begun to make international appearances in exhibitions and local open houses. His work has been show cased in the 2017 Capturing Realism Group Exhibiton in Dallas, Pennsylvania, USA, the 2019 IEYC Exhibition at the Saint George Hotel in Johanessburg, South Africa, the 2019 Enigma Group Exhibition at Lovettes Gallery in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA and most recently the 2020 Small Works Group Exhibition also at Lovettes Gallery.

Carmel first received recognition for his art when he won 1st place in the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games Pin Design Competition where his design was used as Anguilla’s brand image during the entire games held in Glasgow Scotland. In 2017 and 2018 he received consecutive Awards of Excellence at Ani Art Academy for his outstanding commitment and dedication to learning methods of producing Fine Art. In 2019, he placed 3rd in the 4th Annual Ani Art Academy Drawing Competition and he later went on to become a finalist in the 14th ARC Salon Competition 2019 as well as a finalist in the 2019 Anguilla National Youth Awards for Outstanding Youth in Visual Arts.

In July 2020, Carmel completed his studies at Ani Art Academy and immediately after, acquired his first legal business license to establish ‘Carmel Gumbs Studios’. As of recently Carmel’s work has been collected and hung in the homes of athletes like Lebron James and Anthony Davis and has been recognized by actresses like Gabrielle Union-Wade and Zoe Saldana via social media. It’s safe to say that Carmel has worked hard to acquire his level of professionalism not only when creating masterful works of art but also when catering to the needs of his clients and collectors. He surely intends to leave his mark throughout the art world. 

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