Collection: Michael Shand, Trinidad & Tobago


From early childhood, armed with pencil or paintbrush, Michael discovered his creative gene, inherited from his artist mother, Gwyneth.

His only training, that which the college he attended provided, he proved to be skilled in free form, depiction and reflection. His work, always telling a story. The walls of his teenage bedroom became his canvas, telling the tales of the demons that taunted his mind, misadventures, anxieties, pain, joy, love and broken hearts...the story of every teenager.

Michael would go on to win a Presidential Medal for coming first in CXC art and was offered a Scholarship to the Arts Institute in Florida. Life however, had other plans for the artist and eventually, Michael lost touch with that portion of himself. 

At 39, after 2 decades of abandoning the paintbrush and an entire portion of himself, Michael is reborn with a new sense of self. Inspired by his 5 year old son, the pair began creating various pieces of art and craft, ushering in a renewed love for artistic expression.

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