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Olivier FONTEAU is a French artist born in 1975 in Martinique, in the Lesser Antilles. His passion for drawing and sculpture led him to leave for the European capital Strasbourg to study architecture for two years. Then he moved to Granada, Spain, for a semester to perfect his knowledge of the Spanish language and immerse himself in the Andalusian culture so rich in sounds, light and love. Living in the old “El Albaicin” district, his feeling of the beauty of a cultural mix is ​​reinforced every day in this lively and dynamic culture through the “Cante Hondo”, Flamenco dance, and artists from around the world.

Back in France, the production of drawings, paintings and sculptures give way to more commercial activities to earn a living while keeping other art forms to continue his quest for the "Principle of Creation", which Shitao called "The Unique Brush Stroke". Thus took place photography and writing. The latter, on the other hand, like the study of sacred texts, has been practiced since the age of seventeen because the study of major civilizations is for him an action that cannot be refused, especially at an age when we are thirsty for knowledge. Photography therefore becomes for him another artistic medium, like the camera, its extension.

In 2005, upon his return to Martinique, his various photographic commissions led him to produce covers of music albums, reports for press organizations, advertising agencies and production boxes, photographs of set and directions of photography, and realizations in cinema, video clips. He also collaborates on directing, production, and radio animation projects and voiceovers for TV shows and commercials.

In 2016, the call for painting and sculpture became stronger, more pressing as a gushing source, the fruit of meditation, of the culture of the sacred and the profane, of the essence of the line. Then arises the need to paint the "Formless", which exists before the dream, on the border of the manifested and the unmanifested. Color and light the birth of dreams, the complex path of the imaginary.

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